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Thursday, April 30, 2020

How to package your sorority packets (and the importance of digital)

Our Recruitment Packs are a great way to promote yourself as a Potential New Member. The packets allow you to show off your unique personality. We offer our packets printed so you can assemble and deliver (or mail) to the alumna writing your recommendations. We also offer the option to have a digital version of your resume. Below are details of how to assemble your printed packets and tips on sending your digital resume.

You will want to purchase some pocket folders to match your design.
The ones shown here are from Amazon (affiliate link).
You will also want to purchase some 10x13 catalog envelopes.
The ones shown here are from Amazon (affiliate link).

Inside the folder, place your letter on the left, resume on the right, plus 2 different pictures that have been labeled with your 2" round stickers. Your 3" round sticker goes on the outside of the folder.

Your letterhead comes blank so that you can write your own personalized letter to each alumna and run it through your home printer. Pro tip: set up your letter but print it out on plan paper first. Hold the plan paper on top of the letterhead and then hold all of that up to the light to be sure the letter is lined up properly. No need to waste those precious letterhead sheets. Here is an example of wording for your letter. If you are sending a digital resume instead, you would type this letter out in the body of the email (you will not need to send letterhead) and then just attach your resume. It is important to ask the alumna which way (or both ways?) that they would prefer to receive your information.

Dear Mrs. Afton,

Thank you so much for taking the time to complete a recommendation for Alpha Chi Omega on my behalf. I am really looking forward to attending Indiana University this fall. I am exciting to begin studying for a degree in Fashion Merchandising.
One of the things I am most excited about is the process of going through Sorority Recruitment. I am really looking forward to seeing which sorority would be a good fit for me and to making some new friends along the way. Your recommendation would mean a lot to me.
Enclosed you will find a copy of my resume, high school transcript, and 2 photos. If you would like for me to send this information electronically, please feel free to email me.
Again, thank you so very much for your alumna recommendation on my behalf.


{don't forget to sign the letter here}

Sydney Butler 

And be sure you do NOT neglect HANDWRITING a thank you note and mailing it within a week or 2 of requesting the rec. I can assure you that it will go a LONG way in the recommendation process. I am a busy mother and a sorority alumna. I get asked to write several recs each summer. It is my absolute honor to do so, but I can assure you that it takes time out of my already very full schedule. The fact that you follow up to thank someone for doing something that is so time-consuming shows what a truly lovely young lady you are :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Sorority Recruitment Packets (aka Rush Resumes)

Young ladies going through Sorority Recruitment this Fall will be seeking recommendations from various sorority alumna throughout the summer months. This is a really important exercise, as most sororities require all Potential New Members to have a recommendation on file in order for them to be extended an invitation. These Recruitment Packs are a great way to promote Potential New Members and allow them to show off their unique personality.

Our Sorority Recruitment Packets (aka Rush Resumes) have been such a hit the past 2 summers I've offered them that I have decided to add a few more designs this year. 


Sorority Recruitment Packets (aka Rush Resumes) choices

Friday, June 1, 2018

Sorority Recruitment Resume Packets


If you are interested in working with me on your own packet, please email me at Include your resume and photo. 

Please include the following:
  • A Word document containing your resume exactly as you would like it printed (please ask for help if you need to :)  Your resume should include:
    • all contact information (including social media usernames is a VERY good idea)
    • all achievements, community service, work experience, and academic achievements
    • GPA, class rank (if desired), ACT/SAT score
    • relatives with Greek affiliations
    • anything else you think would help the sororities get to know you
  • A photo if you would like one on the resume. (It is a very good idea to include a recent portrait on the resume for identification purposes throughout the week of Rush).
  • Which suite and how many of each item you would like to order. Proofs are emailed within 3-4 days. The printed materials will arrive within a week after your approval.
Below are the available pieces to create your own packets for Potential New Members. Pricing is as follows:
  • Design fee $35. Includes 1 free set of proofs and 1 free round of revisions. Additional proofs and revisions are $10 each. 
  • Design changes: $10 for a simple color change. $25 for design change. $50 for a completely custom design that will be exclusive to your daughter this year (guidance MUST be provided.)
  • Resume pages (8.5" x 11") are $1.25 each (min. of 10, sets of 5 thereafter)
  • Letterhead (8.5" x 11") are $1.25 each (min. of 10, sets of 5 thereafter) Letterhead is printed with your design at the top with space for you to print your own letter to each alumna.
  • Blank mailing labels (3.5" x 2")  are $25 for sets of 24
  • Return address labels (2.625' x 1") are $25 for sets of 60
  • Thank you cards (4.25" x 5.5") are 30 for $48, 50 for $65 or 100 for $125
  • 2" circle stickers (great for labeling the back of photos) are $25 per set of 40
  • 3" circle stickers (great for labeling outside of presentation folders) are $24 per set of 24
  • Digital resume file $25 or free with $250 purchase (Some sororities only accept electronic recs, so this is important to have a pdf for the alumna to be able to copy & paste.)
  • Additional items are available upon request

Friday, January 15, 2016

Valentine's Facebook timeline cover photo

With Valentine's day being a month away, I wanted to share this Facebook timeline cover that I designed.

What a mighty and powerful God we serve who's love for us makes our love for others possible.

Just right-click this image (or hold it down on a mobile device), save to your computer (or photo roll), then click on your cover photo inside Facebook to change the image.

Happy Valentine's to you!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Free Facebook timeline cover photo

Merry Christmas! I wanted to share this free Facebook timeline cover that I just designed. It is based not only on the song "The First Noel", but also on a beautiful passage of scripture in Isaiah 44. What a mighty and powerful God we serve. One who proclaimed His glory hundreds of years before Christ was even born.
Just right-click this image (or hold it down on a mobile device), save to your computer (or photo roll), then click on your cover photo inside Facebook to change the image.

Merry Christmas to you!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

'Tis the season...for a FREE Facebook timeline cover photo

'Tis the season...for a FREE Facebook timeline cover photo.
Simply right click this image to save to your device then upload it on your Facebook page.

Click the image to like us on Facebook while you are at it ;)
It is my prayer that you have a blessed Christmas season and feel the love of Christ and weight of His sacrifice with renewed excitement!